In the story of “The Velveteen Rabbit,” a boy receives a simple velveteen rabbit for Christmas.  The expensive, fancy toys snub the rabbit, because they consider themselves “real.”   The rabbit discovers from another toy that he can become real only if his owner REALLY loves him.  Soon, the stuffed rabbit becomes a favorite of the boy and a well-used companion of the child – so much so that the velveteen rabbit actually becomes quite shabby, but still special to the boy.

After the boy develops Scarlet Fever, all of the toys are ordered to be burned by the doctor, causing the stuffed rabbit to shed a real tear.  In classic fairy tale fashion, this summons the nursery fairy, who then brings the rabbit to the woods (sparing him the toy bonfire fate), and kisses him, making him an actual REAL rabbit to everybody.

What does this story have to do with me?  Well, here it is:

A “velveteen house” is not the most expensive or fancy house on the block, but it is the house that people want to come to. It is a favorite, comforting place.  Not because of the things inside the house, but because of the love and REAL experiences found within its’ walls.  THAT is the kind of house I want to have.  A REAL house – made real by love.   And THAT is the kind of life I want to live – a REAL life….made real by LOVE.

Through the pages of this blog, I want to share ideas for real living.  A virtual roundtable of sorts.  Will you join me at the table?

Welcome to my house.

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  1. ginny
    Jan 13, 2011 @ 12:39:21

    So…you’ve recently moved and last Friday was the first (hopefully not the last) I came to visit your new abode. I left thinking….I like what she’s done. It’s different than the last home, yet this is so warm and comfy…ok, so there was a little smoke from the yummy fry-job you had going on; but this ‘home’ was totally you. Very welcoming…
    Looking forward to your Velveteen House…I’m sure it will be just as filled with the whimsical, friendly, joy-filled, off-the-cuff stuff that I’ve come to learn as being totally you.

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  2. Carrie
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 05:29:18

    This is sooooo u! I luv it and super excited to get to share yummy recipe’s with each other!

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  3. Dean
    Mar 18, 2011 @ 05:53:26

    Loved the website. Shame I have to read about you rather than being able to chat more!!


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